Friday, 11 May 2012

My favourite nail polishes for Spring!

These are a few of my favourite nail polishes for Spring! I love painting my nails but never have time to wait for them to dry! I always need to either put on socks or tie my hair up just when I've finished painting my nails! Haha! I'm not very good at manicuring my nails before painting them but I'll show you my favourites anyway.

I always love wearing red nail polish, there's something very classic and elegant about wearing red!
I love wearing classic red or adding a splash of glamour with some glitter polish but red is definitely the colour I reach for most! :D

Another favourite is French polish. I'm not very good at painting a straight line for the white tip especially with my bad hand (left) so I prefer wearing fake nails, that are French polished in advance! They look really glamorous and sophistacated!

I love the bright and pastel nail polish trend! I love wearing pink especially, and I love the pastel colours I got from Avon. I think pastel nail polish looks really pretty and screams Spring. Although the weather here in Ireland is much like weather you'd expect in Winter I love wearing bright polish to add a splash of colour to the dull and rainy weather we're having! I'm hoping it might get better for Summer but there's no guarantee of that in Ireland! :P
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Deirbhile! :)


  1. love the red colour! xx

    1. Thanks! It's Rimmel, thanks for checking out my blog! It would be awesome if you could follow? I checked out your blog <3 it! Xx :)