Saturday, 28 December 2013

Winter Nail Polish Favourites

Painting my nails is something i love to do on a Friday evening after a nice relaxing bath. I have been painting my nails more often recently and also had a professional manicure a few weeks ago. 

These nails are actually glue-on nails that i bought at the beginning of December in Penneys/Primark. I thought they were very cute and it was much easier than trying to paint reindeer on, myself! These cost €1.50 and lasted quite well, considering the price. I find these glue-on nails easy to apply and easy to shape and get to the length i want. 

This is a picture of the Gel manicure i got a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed getting my nails done and was curious to see what all the hype about Gel manicures was. I was very impressed by this experience. My manicure lasted about 18 days which was really impressive. It took me quite a while to choose a colour but i eventually decide on this lovely coral-red. I will definitely be treating myself to another manicure soon!

 A classic French polish manicure is hard to beat, I love the classy, polished look it gives and is easy to maintain. I used an Essence French Tip polish and the Essie 'No Chips Ahead' as my base and to coat. I decided not to use a French pink as i prefer a less fake look. My nails are quite short recently but i don't think that super long nails are a must for a French manicure.

This is one of my most recent nail polish purchase. I picked up this lovely maroon Essie polish in a pharmacy/drugstore on sale at €3.50! I wish i had picked up a few more colours but resisted the temptation to stock up. This is the prefect Autumn/Fall colour and is a staple in an nail polish collection.

Glitter, the perfect Christmas nail polish! This is the latest addition to my nail polish collection. This is Barry M - 'Yellow Topaz' , i love glittery nail polish and this one gives a really nice opaque shimmer. This polish can be used either as a top coat on any colour you like or on it's own as a simple glam look that ads to a party outfit.

One of my favourite all year round colour is Essie - 'Spaghhetti Strap'. It's a pretty nude pink and compliments any outfit or style. I find it rather difficult however to get an opaque coverage without it going too thick and then not drying properly.

The nail polishes that are on my 'Wishlist' are: 

Essie - 'Turquoise and Caicos'                                     turquoise & caicos - greens By Essie
 ' Really Red'                                                            really red - reds By Essie

  And and but not least... the famous drying drops..                                                                                                     quick-e - top coats By Essie 'quick-e'

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